Sep 8, 2008

Jennica on her way to dance and gymnastics

Jennica didn't complain when I washed her hair this morning and put it in a pony tail. Very unusual behavior for her. She was just simply excited to go to dance and gymnastic's and wear her new (handme downs from Baylee) gymnastic's outfit.

She twirled and danced to the front door.

She was really excited that her cousin Camiah is in her class.

The two of them trying to make it in the door. But, performing for my camera was just so much fun.


Cori said...

ADORABLE!!!! What more can I say?

Lori said...

Love the new blog look. I'm with Cori what more can we say about all the pics adorable! These kids are so dang cute (and smart) now days (we were ugly) JK! Glad to see your all doing well...What happened with your car accident? Talked to Christi the other day--she's up for a 40th bday girl trip next year--let's start planning!

Camille said...

What cute pics. I will be stealing them! Camiah adores Jennica!

sugarglider mom said...

Laura, I love your website. I appreciated the class you taught the other night. Here's my site. It's still in the rough, but getting there. Thanks again! Sheryl