Sep 28, 2008

The Kids up American Fork Canyon Today

Baylee has so much energy. She can bound up a trail in a single jump. It was hard to keep up with her.

There were so many beautiful colors.

Jennica had a blast. She laughed and kept us entertained the whole day.

Jennica is going to pretend to be a bear to scare Baylee.

Baylee thought she could eat the berries (not good).


Camille said...

Those berries, do look good! Baylee is such a darling!

Cori said...

Love the pictures! I'm going to have to go do that ASAP. I love those cute as a button sweaters!!!

Lori said...

Beautiful pictures (kids and scenery) Is that up by Cascade Springs?

Laura said...

Lori- It's the trail that leads to the top of Mount Timpanogos. It's so pretty. We past several people that had been to the peak that day.