Sep 20, 2008

Some of Braxton's funny faces and things he does

I just get a kick out of his poses!

I just love this look.

Braxton has the most contageous laugh.

Braxon was wondering how his sister's wear these things.

His own dress ups so he doesn't have to borrow Jennica's anymore.


Cori said...

He looks so cute in that cowboy costume! I love it!! If he wanted he could be an alien and wear girl tights on his head like that. I loved that! He's such a funny kid.

Lori said...

The tights over the head--so funny! He is one handsome little cowboy! Does he get to wear those clothes when he rides the horses?

Camille said...

He is the cutest little guy and also the sweetest! Both your twins have such a sweet spirit about them! Your a very blessed mother!

Rach said...

ha ha ha i seriously love the polka tights and how he is trying to put them on. cutest little boy, love him!